Most Popular Characters From Haikyuu

With the help of favorite characters, Haikyuu animation gained popularity and success in the anime world.

Even if you haven't seen an episode from the show, but those who have been anime fans for a while can easily tell what "Haikyuu" is! This is because this sports anime has several seasons and has gained huge popularity amongst the audiences.

It is not a doubt, fans on the volleyball courts enjoyed watching the victories and defeats of their favorite teams, but the real credit goes to the show’s characters who performed extremely well. However, you can't be a fan of every character, right? You must have your favorite character to whom you cherished a lot. Tell us in the comment section, what haikyuu character are you?

Here are some Haikyuu characters who are very famous in the anime world.

Shouyou Hinata:

Hinata's bright and cheerful demeanor melted every fan's heart. Hinata is shown as an amazing young boy, despite making some decisions that are not applauded.

When he started performing badly under pressure, he showed remarkable progress in that field, and he was able to propel himself to the point where he can survive with all kinds of pressure.

Tobio Kageyama

If you have seen the show, you must have seen that - at the starting of the show Kagayama's character is not popular amongst his school as he has a temperament mind and very bad attitude.

But when he joined Karasuno, his behavior started changing slowly and his classmates started admiring him.

Yuu Nishinoya

His teammates call him "Karasuno's Guardian Deity". Apart from this, Nishinoya was a gentle and brave young boy. His overconfident behavior often caused him a lot of trouble, but he never allowed himself to be disturbed.

He is a kind and polite friend, which is opposite to his usual behavior.

Tooru Oikawa

Okawa has been introduced as Haikyuu's primary competitor for the Interior and Spring High Preliminary Arcs. He was popular amongst the female students because of his beauty, charm, and sincere character.

Apart from this, he is very passionate about volleyball. He was able to find the strengths and weaknesses of his competitors and that's why he was the true star of the team.

Kenma Kozume

With a cool and carefree personality, Kenma was one of the most solid players on his team. Except on rare occasions like playing video games and enjoying them well, he always seems to keep him cool.

Kenma was also known as the "heart" of his team. But he never likes being the center of attention and therefore, he never expresses his opinion in public.

Kei Tsukishima

Tsukishima was initially unpopular with his people because of his self-righteous attitude and frequent hostility to those who played with him. He also took great pleasure in bringing down his opponents.

However, his character changed a lot at the end of the series.


This isn't the end of anime characters. But these are the most beloved characters from anime. Have you found your favorite character here?